What will you create?

This page was born from a Facebook post and Joan’s use of fun toys during her sessions.  Many have had the benefit of being in her presence, learning from her and playing with the multitude of toys she provides to keep fingers busy while minds absorb her wisdom.

The post that started it all:

Julius Solaris   Julius Solaris

Almost a year ago I had the pleasure to speak at the CIC conclave. While the event was great, I was excited because I finally had a chance to meet and sit down with Joan Eisenstodt. After years of fighting, discussing and talking online, I could finally meet THE symbol of women in events.

I had the pleasure to attend at her session. Of course one of the best educational experiences of my life. She was giving away Wikki Sticks as prizes to the audience. I sent a tweet saying how I soooo wanted one – hey I am competitive!

I went back to the UK at the time, happy for such an inspiring meeting.

I’ve been thinking over the last year about this courageous lady and the passion she puts in beating the hell out of us when we don’t go in the right direction. She has been one of the strongest motivations for many choices I made, such as giving all our ebooks for free to give access to students and those approaching the industry for a while.

Yesterday I come back home to find a box of Wikki Sticks, sent by Joan with a note of welcome to the United States.

What can I say? I didn’t need a box of Wikki Sticks to know that Joan was awesome. But my mind was blown.

I am sure you have many stories to share if you’ve met this incredible and amazing lady. This is mine. Joan you rock!

Antwone Stigall Joan is definitely an awesome woman!

Heather Reid i have not had the privilege of meeting Joan Eisenstodt – however, I do consider her an industry idol…and blessed to say….mentor!

Dana Tilghman Joan is a Rock Star in the industry!

Alex Plaxen I’m lucky enough to live in DC and spend lot of time with Joan. She’s a true friend and mentor! We’re all better off by having her in our industry.

Grace White I met Joan the same way! 💙 her

Nancy J. Zavada Joan Eisenstodt and I had the opportunity to spend time together and swap stories at the CIC Conclave as well. Joan is an inspiration, valued colleague and a genuinely caring person. She has changed an industry!

Joan Eisenstodt OY! Ferklempt I am and grateful for the kind words, Julius, from you and you, Antwone, Heather (oh  … no… no idolization!), Dana, Alex, Nancy, and Grace. Julius, btw, was so disappointed when Margaret won the Wikkis in the session, that I could not in any way NOT ensure he had them. Once I knew he was moving to the States, it was easier to send.

You will of course post your creations, right?!?! I have a collection of photos – incl amazing work by Patty among others!  Just this photo of you is pure joy!

Thank you all. Some days are tough and today was one of them. You have made my day.

Oh .. Wikki Stix One of A Kind Creatables look!

Julius Solaris Will get at it Joan! Very excited!

Patty Reger’s photos

Patty1 Patty3 Patty2

KiKi L’Italien Joan is without a doubt one of my favorite people in the world and someone I admire a great deal. smile emoticon:)

Joan Eisenstodt Thank you, dear KiKi .. have you yet to watch Miss Fisher on PBS? Oh you are her or is it she?

KiKi L’Italien Joan, I have! I am hooked. Tell me if I begin to take on too many of her traits. She is such a good character!

Joan Eisenstodt Lol! Isn’t it fabulous and you can take in all her traits!

Sarah Christianson Awwww smile emoticon:) I like Joan too!

Joan Eisenstodt Me too you! ❤️

Jeff Hurt That’s the Joan many of us know and love!!!!!

Joan Eisenstodt From you, guru of all, it’s a very special tribute. Grateful.

Margaret Kennedy Joan I wouldn’t have been offended in the least if you wanted to give my Wikki’s to Julius! I love you so very much- with or without Wikki’s!  You really are a soulmate and a mentor- just wish you lived closer…💟

Julius Solaris You deserved them Margaret!!!

Sue Pelletier I remember first meeting Joan Eisenstodt at a newbie session she led way back when I was a newbie. She was, and has continued to be ever since, a revelation and an inspiration for me and so, so many others.

Joan Eisenstodt Thank you, dear friend. As a big 0 looms next year, it’s a time to figure out the next stages and options. Until we get it right how can I go?!

Jo Marks Rifkin What a fan club you have. Wow !

Joan Eisenstodt It comes from being active for a long time in an industry, Jo!

Julius Solaris No it doesn’t Joan, it comes for being awesome in an industry!

Joan Eisenstodt THAT was so nice of you! Jo is friend from my youth with whom I’m just back in contact! Oh and you’ll want to read this: http://www.meetingstoday.com/…/friday…/2016_08_05.html and the blog about contracts plus the interviews.

Jo Marks Rifkin Have a feeling you’re being modest. Keep up the good work. You’ve been an energetic leader since you were a kid.

Joan Eisenstodt Thank you, Jo. I know I took the lead; never thought of myself as a leader!

Grace White Joan has agreed to let me ask everyone’s permission (so I’m using this short cut to do so) to post comments & copies of your Wikki Stick art from this string on her website. We will create a new Meeting Arts page with them. Joan will be providing me additional creations from her collection. If you have additional comments/art pictures I’m happy to incorporate them as well. Since this is a fairly public forum, I’ll assume I have permission unless I hear otherwise from you. Feel free to PM me your thoughts & additional creations. Thank you friends of Joan.

Joan Eisenstodt And I’ll showcase some ModelMagic art too! Camille may I ID you with the amazing bkfst you made years ago at W2W?? oh and PlayFoam art too. alas I don’t have names of all artists. Thanks, Grace!

Camille Paluscio Joan Eisenstodt yes, of course.

Joan Eisenstodt Thank you!

If you have photos of your creations during a session with Joan feel free to share them with us all. Feel free to comment below or send us a note from our contact page.