Joan Eisenstodt, seeing your work anniversary notification on LinkedIn made me smile.  36 years is a long time, but doesn’t come close to summing up the net impact you’ve had on our industry.  You’re true impact is immeasurable.  The Eisenstodt multiplier, if you will.  Thank you for your dedicated, your bright mind, your unwavering spirit and your uncontainable passion.  You’re a living legend.

Trevor RoaldB2B Software Growth Hacker, Marketer & Digital Evangelist

Joan was very patient & used every comment made that may not have seemed relevant as a learning tool.

UNCC Meetings & Events Program student, 2017

The interactive extras Joan brought were amazing. What a creative way to keep our attention.

UNCC Meetings & Events Program student, 2017

Joan is a jewel and an incredible asset to this program. She is so engaging and her style of teaching is wonderful. She made contracts and risk management interesting. I learned so much.

UNCC Meetings & Events Program student, 2017

She did an amazing job!! She was phenomenal!! She kept me informed and waiting to hear what she was going to say next. The way she presented the information made it easy to understand and comprehend. She was knowledgeable about the topic and she wasn’t afraid to say if she didn’t know something. She was open minded and transparent. Hands down, awesome lady, awesome instructor!! I would take her class over and over again!

UNCC Meetings & Events Program student, 2017

Joan Peggy Lamberton

Pegg Lamberton

Any program Joan is involved in, is a wonderful program!

Tim Lam

#1 This was my favorite class to date. I thought Joan Eisenstodt was completely informed and innovative. I was riveted by the class and wish we could have her back.

#2 enjoyed the extra items brought in, it was a welcome change

#3 AMAZING!! I learned so much! Thank you!

#4 I was a little nervous about this class but LOVED listening to the instructor. Joan was very engaging and knowledgeable. It was great to hear her “chicken” stories. I loved the props she brought for us to use. I liked how she broke down different sections of the contract so that it wasn’t as overwhelming.

#5 Joan was wonderful. She worked magic with an otherwise boring and confusing topic. The class was fun and the information invaluable. Thank you.

October 2014

Students at UNCC class

I have followed your columns for years Joan and consider you a true leader in the industry. Kudos on this discussion.

Posted from Linked In Sept 18, 2014.

Kathy Sheridan, President at Sheridan Association & Meeting Services

From the first day I met Joan, she demonstrated her leadership skills in diversity and inclusion. Joan’s passion for inclusion, in particular, allowed others to learn the meaning of understanding cultures and religion and why it’s important to seek this understanding. She is instrumental in helping organizations understand,especially in meeting planning and events, that having an understanding of other’s culture allows one to understand the need to adjust when picking meeting dates around holidays or selections of foods for an ethnic base association.

Tangie Newborn

I don’t think there is anything that can be said about Joan in a complimentary matter that has not already been said…in a nutshell, me too!
I have had the pleasure of knowing Joan, and calling her a long distant friend and adviser in the industry for more years than I care to count.
There is virtually nothing that she does not know about the meetings industry and is one of the highest value resources we have.
I have worked with here, in terms of providing technology at many conferences where she has spoken, but, more importantly, she has opened doors for me in the business to clients that are careful about their networks!
Whatever she wants to do, she will do, and I will stand behind her 100%.

Steve LaManna

When I think of effective meetings, I think of Joan Eisenstodt. She is passionate about making meetings better—not just for her clients, but also for all those who attend her sessions at industry events, readers of her online communications or anyone else who will listen! Joan is also dedicated to training and consulting in the areas of risk management and ethics in the meetings industry as well as meeting design. I have never met someone who cares so deeply and is so generous with her immense knowledge and time.

Cara Tracy, CMP, CMM

Joan Eisenstodt, to me, defines the phrase “thought leader.” Her presentation at this morning’s Tampa Bay Area MPI luncheon was phenomenal. Her ability to deal directly, frankly, respectfully, and reflectively with the kinds of issues we prefer not to talk about in the meetings industry (she has me seriously, and not entirely comfortably, examining my own approach to referral incentives) is a blast of fresh air; and it is all informed by a deep wellspring of practical experience.

I should note that I did not “hire Joan” — but this seemed the closest of the available categories to “I was in the audience for a conversation led by Joan.

Nathan Coe Marsh

Joan is gifted facilitator that creates respectful, engaging and safe environments for event participants to discuss some of our industry’s most pressing and often difficult topics – including ethics and risk management. She is generous with her time in coaching and mentoring and has made countless contributions to the meetings and events industry. She leverages her industry influence to raise awareness about a broad range of social issues that affect or are affected by our industry

Mariela McIlwraith

Joan is a highly knowledgeable, trustworthy, woman of integrity. Her leadership activities within the hospitality industry are legend. I am only one of the hundreds of people she has encouraged and mentored throughout her career. Add to her numerous virtues in the professional realm the fact that Joan has a heart of gold. It’s an honor to be numbered among her circles of friends.

Ciritta "Cricket" Park

Most knowledgeable GURU in Travel/Meetings Industry as well as Association Management.

Ben BaezVice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Processes at Tech Engineering

Joan and I have both been in this industry a long time and she is a leader, advisor and all around good person while the years move on I Hera and see less of this wonderful person who is a gift to the hospitality industry it is better for her enduring presence .

Carling Dinkler III

I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working with Joan on the ASAE Ethics Committee, as a fellow committee member and in a Chair/Vice Chair and Immediate Past Chair/Chair capacity. She is an independent thinker and a principled business professional, as well as a strategic collaborator and leader. She is unafraid to tackle challenges, no matter how insurmountable they may seem, and does so in a strong, tactful manner.

I have also enjoyed working with Joan as a co-presenter numerous times. She is thorough, thoughtful, and collaborative in her preparation, and her presentations skills are well above par. She has the capacity to communicate substantively, but with warmth and rapport, and brings out the best in her co-presenters — and as importantly, out of the attendees. Despite the fact I consider myself a fairly experienced presenter, having had the opportunity to co-present with Joan only made me better. And I am sure our attendees left feeling their attendance was time well spent (which, more often than not unfortunately, is not the case!)

Terrence Canela

I served on ASAE’s Ethics Committee with Joan, as a colleague and during her tenure as committee chair. She has an inclusive meeting facilitation style, and a powerful ability to motivate busy professionals to focus and work hard – and deliver. I have also had the opportunity to attend several of Joan’s workshops on ethics, and each time was impressed with her nuanced presentation of complex subject matter and the way she engaged the audience. If you have a chance to collaborate with Joan, or attend a workshop or training presented by her, it would be well worth it.

Jennifer Druliner