Founded in 1981, Eisenstodt Associates, LLC, provides clients with planning support for conferences, seminars, and conventions. Clients include trade and not-for-profit associations, foundations, government-affiliated groups, and medical, scientific, and legal societies, and corporations. Among the services provided:

  • program design consultation and facilitation of design process;
  • evaluation of meetings and meeting services.
  • listserv and social media discussion moderating;
  • focus group facilitation;
  • destination and site selection;
  • contract (hotels, audio visual companies, decorators) negotiation;
  • meeting facilitation; and
  • training in meeting functions, ethics, risk management and contingency planning, and contract negotiation

Eisenstodt Associates, LLC, has demonstrated:

  • experience in adult learning models to assist clients in meeting design;
  • skill at facilitating groups, processes, and meetings;
  • qualifications to assist with evaluation and reorganization of meetings departments;
  • knowledge of the legal aspects of vendor contracts;
  • experience in selecting facilities appropriate to specific meetings;
  • respected connections to a network of meeting services providers; and
  • resourcefulness and the ability to be analytical, flexible, and creative


Eisenstodt Associates, LLC, works on hourly and daily fees ranging from $150.00 to $250.00 per hour and $2,500.00 to $5,000.00 per day. Rates are dependent on the scope of work, timeline and a client’s budget. Final fees will be based on the contracted scope of work