“Inclusive Hospitality” the issues of the ADA and beyond

In February 2015, Marlys Arnold and I, colleagues and friends for years, were at the same trade show, at which I also did a session on “Inclusive Hospitality” taking the issues of the ADA and going beyond. Marlys was curious to walk the trade show floor with me to see how accessible it was. (It wasn’t.) On our walk we met Lee Jacobia, an exhibitor, working the floor while sitting in his wheelchair. Marlys on foot and me on my (rental) scooter [have you ever traveled with a scooter? The airlines, not friendly to luggage, are far worse on these items. I prefer to rent when I travel and leave mine at home] spent time talking with Lee.

Lee, Marlys and I are not ADA experts. We are people who are either faced with mobility disabilities and/or those who care about ensuring access at meetings and shows and in venues. Listen, learn, and spend some time thinking about how accessible what you create is.

Thanks, Marlys, for doing this: http://www.tradeshowinsights.com/accessibility

And this may help too: http://www.meetingsfocus.com/NewsEvents/EventDetails/tabid/104/ItemID/3992/Default.aspx

Your tips for design and other methods of inclusion will be helpful added here.

Oh and it’s not just in the US. Use this for more information for international destinations: http://tinyurl.com/kdtoxdj

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